Why Polished Concrete


The cost of a polished concrete floor is economical in comparison to other flooring options. At a competitive cost per square foot a plain gray slab can be brought back to a lustrous sheen. Concrete’s flexibility also allows for stains, logos or other graphics to be laid into the surface.


Polished concrete is very versatile. It can be used for both interior and exterior flooring solutions. It can accentuate other focal points and when dyed and or embedded with a logo or design the floor can really pop. It can be both utilitarian and beautiful at the same time.


A floor that has been polished and properly maintained can be expected to last up to 20 years or longer. Polished concrete is not susceptible to many of the outside forces that plague other floor types and result in flooring system failures.




Adding any additional materials to a flooring project result in greater expenditures and environmental impact such as harvesting, manufacturing, and transporting. Finishing a floor by simply polishing the existing concrete material avoids these concerns while substantially decreasing the environmental footprint, which in turn saves natural resources to the pollution associated with shipping and manufacturing.


Polished concrete floors are easier to maintain than other flooring options and require no chemicals or waxes to produce their shine, in most cases water is all you need for cleanup.  As part of our service and warranty we leave you with an easy to follow maintenance plan.